Emphasis on the quality and monitoring of its individual parameters has been required since 1991 when the operation of the company was started.

At that time, the main activity of the company was manufacture of folding doors and walls. 

In 1992, the start of manufacturing for ŠKODA AUTO a.s. brought with it new standards concerning requirements for level of the quality. In that year, we started preparations for meeting all requirements for formation and management of documentation, which was a condition for acquiring certification. The company was successfully certificated and, each year, the acquired certificates are successfully extended up to the present. The certificates include: EN ISO 9001:2008 and VDA 6.1.

HAUK takes care of the environment. In proof of that, the company got the certificate EN ISO 14001:2004 in 2013.

HAUK reaches very good assessments from customers and shows very low percentage of the waste rate. As for assessments of our customers, HAUK ranks among A-group suppliers. This fact is reflected in the field of acquiring new projects.

In 2011, as HAUK was developing, the quality department was gradually expanded. Currently, 5 people work in this department, other workers participate in partial checks accompanying the production process.

To check the quality of manufactured parts, we also have, except for ordinary calibrated measuring instruments, an instrument for 3D measurement - BRAVO OS 60.15.20 as well as a device for control of the quality of welded joints - EPOCH 600 ultrasound.

The objective of our department is “Continuous improvement of the quality management system” through increasing the qualification of the quality department workers for the purpose of tripartite satisfaction of the parties involved, i.e. of the customer, the owner and all responsible workers.

The quality of parts is under the supervision of trained workers.